10 Photos You’d Certainly Never See Today

So much has changed over the years and what we photograph is no different. There may be dangerous selfies being taken these days, but 100 years ago loggers were posing inside half-felled trees. Far too dangerous by today’s standards, these are 10 photographs you’d likely never see today.

Via/ Flickr
A convenient, if not clean, place to rest for a moment. Via/ Flickr
Hopefully tourists know better than to do this today! Via/ Flickr
Via/ Flickr
Workers and dog on freight platform during the building of the Diablo Dams in 1928. Via/ Flickr

From the dangerous to the silly to the bygone, most of the action in these old photos would be too dangerous by today’s standards, with any number of them rendered impossible by liability issues and safety measures.

Once upon a time it was considered no big deal to have a child ride on a motorcycle or in a sidecar. Via/ Flickr
Jumping from one plane to another in the 1920s. Today’s wing walkers wear harnesses. Via/ Flickr
Most cities today have ordinances that prohibit stunts like these. Via/ Flickr
Via/ Library of Congress
A see saw swing this big would not be permitted on playgrounds today. Via/ Flickr

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Source: dustyoldthing.com

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