13-Year-Old Who Built His Dream House in His Backyard

Luke Thiull is a 13-year-old boy from Iowa who’s not your typical teenager. While most kids his age are focused on things like smartphones and video games, Luke has a unique passion. He decided to build a small house in his parents’ backyard, and it’s quite impressive!

This young and talented kid worked hard on his little house project, which cost him around $1,500 USD. It’s like his dream come true. You can check it out on his Facebook page “Luke Thill.”

It’s pretty amazing that Luke chose to do something like this instead of being glued to screens like many kids today. He talks about his desire to build his own house on his YouTube channel, saying that he wanted to do something different and constructive when he felt bored.

To make his project a reality, Luke spent about a year saving money and gathering materials. He did various odd jobs, mowed lawns, and even ran online fundraisers. He also got some help from a friend who knew about electrical work. Luke helped him clean out his garage in exchange for the electrical work.

Luke is exceptionally environmentally conscious, incorporating approximately 75% recycled materials into his living space, some of which he discovered at his grandmother’s house. Additionally, his front door was a generous gift from a friend of his uncle’s.

Luke’s petite dwelling spans approximately 89 square feet, with dimensions of 10 feet in length and 5 ½ feet in width. While it boasts electricity, it lacks plumbing amenities like a bathroom or shower. Luke embraces the concept of minimalistic living, prioritizing simplicity and avoiding the burden of a substantial mortgage.

Luke has made several short videos on YouTube to share his project and motivation with others. He’s sparked the curiosity of many people.

Luke got some help from his parents with building and money, but his dad, Greg, made sure Luke paid for most of it himself. Greg believes it’s a great opportunity for kids to learn life lessons and do something productive instead of just playing video games.

For Luke, the house is a dream come true, a cozy oasis where he can unwind and enjoy his personal sanctuary. It’s furnished with essentials such as a microwave, TV, and a loft featuring a comfortable bed. Out in the backyard, there’s a convenient BBQ grill. Luke often uses it as a study space after school, and on some occasions, he even spends the night there.

Luke harbors ambitious aspirations and envisions constructing a slightly larger home when he embarks on his college journey. Moreover, he aspires to serve as an inspiration to other youngsters.

His resounding message is straightforward: “I aim to demonstrate to kids that building at this age is indeed attainable.”

Luke’s narrative is undeniably uplifting. It serves as a testament to what a determined young individual with a well-defined objective, unwavering dedication, and a touch of parental support can accomplish. If you find Luke’s remarkable small house impressive, please share and give this story a thumbs up to help disseminate this wellspring of motivation!

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