15+ Mysterious Things Could Even Puzzle Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes may be the greatest fictional detective ever created, but even he would trouble in today’s generation. Moreover, how can one match the collective knowledge of the millions on the Internet? As such, whenever people encounter objects that leave them puzzled, they turn to the subreddit “What is this Thing?”. Here are 15+ mysterious things that had interesting answers from the forum:

1. Delicate Whisk

Delicate whisk

Image Credits: u/norfolkpineparty

Delicate wooden whisk-type thing that fits into a small vase item with openings on both ends. What is it? I’m so curious!
Answer (by u/kipjanny): It’s a matcha whisk and whisk holder.

2. Quirky Hangar

Quirky hangar

Image Credits: u/I_know_cheese

Found these when clearing out my dad’s wardrobe. Any idea what you’d hang on them?
Answer (by u/kultakala): They’re either for hanging shoes (let’s say you have very dressy shoes and you don’t want them getting crushed – you stick the rounded bit inside the shoe, so the sole is facing you), or for hanging already-tied neckties, so you can just slip it over your head and adjust it, rather than re-tying it, each time.

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3. Sweet Utensils

Sweet utensil

Image Credits: u/redlinelol

Bought at a thrift store. Thought it was a bar spoon but I’m not certain. Length is around 15-18 cm.
Answer (by u/adube1320): Ice cream spoons.

4. Triangle Kitchen Outfit

Triangular kitchen outfit

Image Credits: u/SyllabaryBisque

Just bought a house and this weird triangle holder thingy is by my kitchen sink. What is it?
Answer (by u/incrediblyjoe and u/Professor_zombiekill): Dish towel holder. Take the corner of your dishtowel and put it into the back of the triangle, then pull downwards on the towel and it is held in place.

5. Concerning Ceiling Formations

Termite mass growing from ceiling

Image Credits: u/bighamsterwheel

What is this stuff growing out of the nail holes in my ceiling?
Answer (by u/clearliquidclearjar): That’s termite frass. You’ve got bad termites and you’ll want to deal with it ASAP.

6. Display Stand

A display stand

Image Credits: u/Tellurye

I found it while cleaning out an old cedar closet. Had a bendy spring in the middle. Looks like it hangs on a door.
Answer (by u/angeliqu): I think it’s a vintage hat display stand. If you google it, there are a lot that have the springy bit and the pull cord (which probably lets you pull the hat down and to the sides to examine it rather than touching the hat itself). Yours seems to be held by sliding onto a table edge rather than sitting on the table itself. So you’re holding it sideways.

7. Old Appliance Part

A part of an old waffle maker

Image Credits: u/Papegaaiduiker

8. Fungal Disease

A fungal disease on a tree

Image Credits: u/_ledge_

9. So Many Padlocks!

A bunch of padlocks on one gate

Image Credits: u/FactorialANOVA

10. Vintage Outlet

Vintage outlet

Image Credits: u/the_never_mind

11. Old Technology

Lost technology

Image Credits: u/rpp8

12. Holding The Wall In Place


Image Credits: u/cerrosafe

13. Specially Made For Italian Cuisine

Image Credits: u/gabe0gonzalez

14. Space Debris

Space debris

Image Credits: u/genopsyism

15. Remnant of the Past

Capped-off gas line

Image Credits: u/theMstates

Source: usapress.info

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