15-Year-Old Girl Suffers Fractured Skull After Attack By Enraged Customer

I remember many years ago when working at McDonald’s was something that many teenagers enjoyed. It gave them the opportunity to have their first job and to make a little extra money.

These days, teens still have an opportunity to work at McDonald’s in many areas but they are also facing difficulties we didn’t have to face before. This is evident in the case of one McDonald’s employee who is now in the hospital.

15-year-old Aryiah Lynch was brutally attacked outside of the McDonald’s and landed in the hospital with multiple injuries, including a broken nose and a fractured skull. It happened when a group of adults began acting obnoxiously at the drive-through window.

The man who attacked the young McDonald’s worker is now in prison, and her family said that the group was asked to come into the restaurant after they began behaving badly at the drive-through. After they came in, they started to damage the property, spit at employees, and harass everyone.

Suddenly, it escalated to the point where there was a brawl taking place and it was taken outside. The family describes the scene on their crowdfunding page:

“In the video you can see the adult male grabbing and dragging Aryiah by her long braids, and stomping on her head.

“He then let her go, but returned to punch her numerous times in her face. She was admitted to one of the local hospitals in Saint Louis with a skull fracture and frontal lobe damage.

“Aryiah had to have surgery April 17, which was a success. She is fighting hard to stay upbeat and heal but this is only the beginning of a very uphill battle. She is currently on bed rest in hopes to return to work.”

Aryiah spoke with the local media and described what happened, saying that she was not prepared.

“It was getting loud…and being obnoxious in the drive-thru, so we said, ‘if you want to get your order taken, step inside.’”

The man who attacked her is now being charged with felony assault and property damage in the second degree. He is being held at the St. Louis County Justice Center.

Jimmy Williams, the owner of that McDonald’s said: “Ensuring the safety of both our employees and customers is paramount to me as a local business owner, and we have a strict workplace violence policy at my restaurants.

“My team is fully cooperating with the St. Louis County police in their investigation.”

Source: onlinenews20.com

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