52-year-old “Survivor” winner promises to donate entire $1 million prize to veterans in need

52-year-old Mike “Gabler” Gabler from Meridian, Idaho, made history by becoming the second oldest “Survivor” winner ever. He triumphed in season 43 without a single vote cast against him, making him a nearly unanimous choice. However, it’s his plan for the $1 million prize that truly sets him apart.

Mike Gabler has decided to donate the entire $1 million prize to Veterans in Need in honor of his father, Robert Gabler. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “There are people who need this money more, and I’m going to donate the entire prize in my father’s name to Veterans in Need.”

Reflecting on his experience on the show, Gabler described it as “incredible” and praised the crew and castaways. He emphasized his desire to be a better husband, father, brother, and son and acknowledged his fortunate life at home.

Gabler’s decision to donate the million dollars to veterans is a remarkable gesture that deserves recognition and praise. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and stated, “We’re going to help veterans in need, and we’re going to donate that entire million dollars to them.”

In conclusion, Mike Gabler’s selfless act of donating his “Survivor” winnings to veterans in need showcases his generosity and compassion, earning him well-deserved admiration.

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