7-Year-Old Sensation Sets World Record with Extraordinarily Long Legs

Meet Maki Karrin, a 17-year-old girl living in the USA, who has made headlines for having the longest legs in the world. Her legs are an impressive 208 cm long, and what’s even more remarkable is that they’re still growing.

Maki’s left leg measures 135.3 cm, while her right leg is slightly shorter at 134.3 cm. This unique feature has earned her a world record. Despite the uneven length, it doesn’t pose any problems for her.

Having such long legs does have its challenges, though. Maki often finds it difficult to fit through doorways, and she jokes that it’s a relief when she doesn’t touch the chandeliers. Finding comfortable clothes is a struggle, as regular stores don’t carry her size, leading her to order clothes for her wardrobe.

Despite these challenges, Maki excels in basketball and considers herself lucky in that aspect. Currently attending an athletics school, she dreams of playing for a professional basketball team in the future.

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