89-Year-Old Brigitte Bardot Spotted In Rare Outing Following Health Scare

Brigitte Bardot turned 89 on September 28, months after a health scare due to breathing difficulties. To the relief of fans and well-wishers, the former actress was spotted out for a drive in the South of France as she marked her birthday.

She looked healthy as she drove a white minivan from her luxury villa, La Madrague, in Saint-Tropez to another property of hers in La Garrigue. Bardot wore a dark, long-sleeved top and huge glasses, with her hair in a cute updo and bangs.

Bardot suffered from breathing difficulties

In July, emergency services arrived at Bardot’s home when she started having problems breathing. “It was around 9 a.m. when Brigitte had trouble breathing,” her husband, Bernard d’Ormale, said. “It was harder than usual, but she didn’t lose consciousness. Let’s call it a moment of respiratory distraction. The firefighters arrived, gave her oxygen to breathe, and stayed for a moment to watch her.”

“Like all people of a certain age, she can no longer bear the heat. It happens at 88 years old. She must not make useless efforts,” Bernard added.

Young Bardot’s life and career

Brigitte Bardot health scare

Bardot began her acting career in 1952 and starred in over 40 movies until her retirement in 1973. She earned several awards for her movie roles and recorded about 60 songs. Known for her strong personality and activism, Bardot used her fame to advocate for animal rights. She established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals in 1968 and became vegan in line with her views.

Brigitte Bardot health scare
SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, (aka HISTOIRES EXTRAORDINAIRES), Brigitte Bardot, (segment ‘William Wilson’), 1968

The actress had several relationships, including four marriages, producing one child from her union to actor Jacques Charrier in the early ‘60s. Bardot and her current husband, Bernard, have been married since 1992, making it her longest marriage.

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