A 4-year-old girl is fighting for her life after contracting a dangerous infection while measuring new shoes

It was supposed to be a fun and enjoyable day for Judy Thomas and her 4 year old daughter Sienna who spent their time buying shoes. But Mother Judy was about to get the shock of her life.

Judy, who is from the UK, was enjoying quality time with her daughter but the next day her 4 year old daughter felt sick and kept crying.

The girl was shivering and suffering from high fever so Judy took her to the hospital where the doctors told her news she did not expect at all.

Her daughter suffered from a severe bacterial infection that entered her body through her foot. The sepsis contaminated her body and spread.

“I drove her straight to the hospital, she was shaking and suffering from convulsions – it was awful to see my daughter like that”, Judy said.

“They said it was sepsis and thought they would have to operate it”.

She was told by the doctors that they would have to operate on her leg and when Judy asked how it happened she was told it was probably from a new shoe measurement.

Judy said they always wear socks when measuring shoes but because it was a hot day Sienna was barefoot with sandals.

Stopped the infection from spreading
The sepsis entered Sienna’s foot through an open wound and the doctors had to drain the infection from the foot and leg and she was given antibiotics.

“This is a message to all parents – please put socks on your children when measuring shoes”, Judy wrote on Facebook.

“I’m guilty of not doing it for my daughter, but the result can be an infection that spreads throughout the body. You don’t know which feet were in the shoes before you”.

Sienna was hospitalized for five days in the hospital under supervision and the doctors worked hard to stop the spread of the infection in her body.

“The scary case shows us that sepsis does not skip anyone and can hurt anyone at any given moment”, said Dr. Ron Daniels.

“When there are signs of an infection, it is vital and important to go for immediate medical attention and ask, ‘Could it be sepsis?’”.

Fortunately Sienna’s infection was treated in time but she needs to go back to the doctor and be monitored.

Now Judy wants to warn others that they will always have an accessible pair of socks when they go to buy shoes – no matter how hot it is outside.

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