A 63-year-old man cheated with a 23-year-old woman – but then his wife said something unexpected

Sometimes you have to tell a white lie to get out of a complicated situation. We were all there: you did something you were not supposed to do, and if you told the truth you might get into trouble. I know it happened.

Naturally, never lie if you were not loyal. But a funny story can come out of it – and I must say, this man is a genius!

The wife of a 63-year-old man asked him to go and buy cigarettes. The man thought it sounded like a great idea, because he wanted to stretch his limbs anyway. But when he arrived at the store, he found it was closed. So he went to a local pub to use their automatic cigarette machine.

He bought a pack of cigarettes for his wife, and then noticed that there was a pleasant atmosphere in the bar.

“Oh well, Friday evening after all”, he thought to himself, and sat down to drink a few beers.

A few minutes later, a beautiful 23-year-old woman approached him and began talking to him. They drank a few drinks together and ended up in her apartment.

After they had fun together, the man looked at his watch and noticed that it was 3 am.

He dressed quickly and said, “My wife will kill me, do you have any talc?”

The woman gave him talc, and he put it on his hands before taking the taxi home.

When he got home, he saw his wife waiting for him, shouting, “Where the hell were you?!?”

The man answered, “Well, honey, that’s what happened: I went to a store like you asked, but it was closed, so I went to the pub to use the automatic machine, I saw a beautiful girl there, drank a few drinks, one thing led to the other..”.

The woman folded her arms and said, “Oh, really? Show me your hands!”

She saw that his hands were covered with talcum and said, “You’re such a liar! You went to bowling again!”

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