A gray-haired, haggard old man. 72-year-old Richard Gere went out with his young wife

Richard Gere was married three times and his third wife turned out to be 30 years younger than the actor. Alexandra Silva is the daughter of the vice president of Real Madrid, a beauty and a smart girl. Before marrying Gir, she lived the life of a socialite, spent money and lived smartly on alimony from her billionaire ex-husband.

Richard has never admitted that Alexandra is beautiful, bright, charismatic and the sweetest! Like, everything is fine in it. In turn, the beauty admitted that she loves her husband very much and dotes on him. For a rare time, the couple came out and amazed the colonels.

Now Giru is 72 years old and the difference with his wife is more visible than ever. The once bright brunette turned into an old man, gray hair, a haggard look, however, he did not lose his sweet smile.

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