After A Teacher Corrected A Student’s Test, The Whole Town Wanted Her Fired

Chris Piland, a father from Pennsylvania, was horrified to read what his teacher had written on a paper that his second-grader had submitted. The teacher sought to embarrass Piland’s little kid in front of his classmates and make him feel stupid in addition to bullying him, which is the exact opposite of what teachers should be doing if they are dedicated to assisting students in learning.

What then did the instructor do? The small boy’s assignment had “absolutely pathetic” written on top of it. Piland is now requesting that the teacher be fired as a result of the offensive comment.

The teacher enjoys receiving their regular payment because they work at Valley View Elementary School. But now they’ve been exposed for abusing their control over the kids. Piland not only learned that the teacher thinks his young son’s intelligence is “absolutely pathetic,” he also realized that the teacher isn’t performing their job.

Alyssa Rupp Bohenek has already been named as the instructor. She used a red pen to make her comments, which is a sign of poor performance among students. The whole statement was:

“Absolutely pitiful, he answered 13 questions in 3 minutes! Sad.” She followed that with a grimace.

The goal of the task was to gauge how many subtraction problems the second-graders could do. The teacher gave the students three minutes to complete them, and she watched in horror as Piland’s son, who performed the lowest in the class, was only able to complete thirteen of them.

When Piland posted the assignment’s photo online, she called Bohenek out for her hatred.

“All year long, my son, Kamdyn’s teacher, has been so nasty to him and me. I am absolutely incensed that someone would write this on a child’s work when he brings it home. Such fantastic inspiration,” he wrote next to the picture.

Piland began an internet petition in the hopes of getting the teacher fired so she could no longer abuse her authority over any other small second-grade students because he didn’t want her to get away with her crime against his kid.

Rose Minniti, the superintendent of schools, was forced to react to the indignation. She claimed that the test was disclosed to her last week and that she has already scheduled a meeting with the accused instructor to look into the charges and determine whether termination is the best course of action.

Social media won’t have an impact on the outcome of this personnel matter, according to Minniti. It will be determined by the facts and the evidence. We always strive to balance what is best for the children with what is necessary to protect the employee who is the subject of the investigation.

Since 2013, Bohenek has been employed at the elementary school. Has she already grown weary of helping the small kids? She certainly seems to be through with it based on the appearance of her response.


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