After an actress claimed to have “nightmares” about Tucker Carlson, Carlson responded in a priceless way.

Tucker Carlson’s Response to Jennifer Lawrence’s Nightmares

In a segment titled “Jennifer’s Nightmare,” Carlson playfully addressed Lawrence’s recent revelation about her recurring nightmares involving him. Gallagher, the guest, highlighted Lawrence’s statement, particularly emphasizing her connections in Louisville, Kentucky. He noted that while Lawrence may not be watching, her parents could be avid viewers.

Carlson’s Light-hearted Reaction


With a chuckle, Carlson responded to Lawrence’s claim of having nightmares about him. He jokingly mentioned being flattered by the term “nightmares” and attributed it to the allure of his glasses, saying, “Can’t help it if they dream about you.”

Jennifer Lawrence’s Insights and Humor


Lawrence expressed the challenges of understanding different perspectives, especially regarding her family’s differing political views. She humorously reflected on the 2016 election, joking about the choice between a woman and a jar of mayonnaise. Despite her humor, she questioned how parents could raise daughters while denying them equality.

Recollection and Clarification


Carlson fondly recalled critiquing Lawrence’s comments on climate change in 2017. He humorously commented on the tendency of the wealthy to become “sillier and more out of touch.” Lawrence clarified her stance on social media, emphasizing that her remarks were taken out of context and redirecting attention to real issues like hurricanes and earthquakes.



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