Alan Hamel Wrote a Love Letter to His Wife the Night Before She Died – Here’s What He Wrote

Suzanne Somers, known for her roles in “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step,” passed away after a 23-year battle with breast cancer. Her husband, Alan Hamel, and their family confirmed her peaceful death at home, where they had gathered to celebrate her 77th birthday.

Suzanne Somers was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, and despite its recurrence, she became famous not only for her acting but also for her self-help books, autobiographies, diet books, and even a book of poetry. Throughout her battle with cancer, she maintained a chemical-free and healthy lifestyle, which she credited for keeping her strong.

R. Couri Hay, her longtime publicist, shared a heartwarming poem written by Alan Hamel for Suzanne on her birthday. In the poem, he expressed his love for her, emphasizing that no words could fully capture the depth of his feelings for her after 55 years together, 46 of which were in marriage. The poem beautifully described their enduring bond and love for each other.

Suzanne and Alan’s love story began in 1969 when they met on the set of “The Anniversary Game.” After Suzanne divorced her first husband, they started dating and eventually got married in 1977. Despite not having children together, they shared a close-knit blended family, with Alan having two children from a previous marriage, and Suzanne having a son from her first marriage.

In an interview in August, Suzanne spoke about how cancer had become a familiar battle for her but emphasized the support of her family, especially her husband Alan, in helping her fight the disease. She highlighted that they had not spent a single day apart in over 42 years, which was a testament to their enduring love.

Suzanne Somers’ death marked the end of an era in the entertainment world. Her legacy not only includes her acting career but also her resilience in the face of a challenging health battle and her enduring love story with Alan Hamel, which was beautifully expressed in the heartfelt poem he penned for her. Suzanne Somers will be remembered for her contributions to entertainment and her inspiring journey in the face of adversity.

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