Alfonso Ribeiro said his four-year-old daughter will need “months” to recover from her “scary” injuries.

Ava Sue, the adorable four-year-old daughter of Alfonso Ribeiro, is currently in the process of recovering from a scooter accident that happened recently.

However, the resilient young girl is showing remarkable progress, much to the relief of her father, who is best known as the host of Dancing with the Stars.

The incident happened just a day before Ava’s fourth birthday, and it was not the kind of day anyone would wish for. Alfonso, 51, shared his heartfelt gratitude on Instagram, expressing his appreciation to the medical professionals at @kareskinmd for their prompt and skillful care.

Thanks to their expertise, the likelihood of scarring has been significantly reduced. Alfonso also couldn’t help but admire his young daughter’s extraordinary bravery throughout the entire surgical procedure.

Recently, Alfonso provided an optimistic update, revealing that Ava is doing exceptionally well despite the challenging and frightening moments they have experienced.

He shared his excitement about Ava joining the Fourth of July celebrations in Washington, D.C., stating that she will be there with the family and emphasizing her remarkable recovery progress.

Alfonso acknowledged that the procedure has been extensive and prolonged, but he couldn’t be prouder of Ava’s remarkable recovery.
Reflecting on the accident in May, Alfonso mentioned that he wasn’t present when it happened.

Thankfully, their nanny was there to provide immediate assistance, and Alfonso was informed immediately, prompting them to seek medical attention promptly. Alfonso and Angela Unkrich, his second wife, whom he married in 2012, share the joy of being Ava’s parents.

Additionally, they have two other wonderful children together, nine-year-old Alfonso “AJ” Lincoln and eight-year-old Anders Reyn. It’s worth noting that Alfonso also has a twenty-year-old daughter named Sienna from his previous marriage to Robin Stapler.

The proud father of four couldn’t help but praise Ava’s remarkable strength and resilience, fully aware that the recovery process might be lengthy.

Alfonso happily shared, “She’s still active and moving around,” emphasizing that although the wound has technically healed, it will take time for the noticeable scar to fade.

He acknowledged that while the scar may not be significant medically, it holds excellent emotional weight for a parent concerned about their child’s well-being.

Angela, Ava’s loving mother, also took to Instagram to express her concern and love for her precious little one during the incident. She revealed that she had a premonition or motherly intuition in the morning, foretelling Ava’s visit to the emergency room.

Angela clarified that safety and caution were paramount to everyone involved in preparing for Ava’s birthday celebrations, including family, friends, and the babysitter. Little did she know that her words would later resonate deeply with everyone present.

As Ava Sue continues her journey toward a full recovery, Alfonso Ribeiro and Angela Unkrich are filled with immense gratitude for their support and the progress their brave daughter has made.

Their unwavering love and dedication serve as a testament to the strength of their family bond, which remains unbreakable even in the face of challenging times.

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