Ashley Bratcher from ”My 600-Lb Life”: This is her life today

TLC fans can’t wait for My 600-Lb Life Season 10, as the show follows the lives of those typically weighing over 600 pounds and their personal experiences with weight gain and loss. While a new season is on the horizon, fans are curious about Ashley Bratcher, a past cast member who had quite a story to tell. So, where is Ashley Bratcher from My 600-Lb Life now?

My 600-Lb Life gets personal, as the cameras follow the cast members through a year of their lives. And Ashley Bratcher shared her own personal experience with sexual abuse. According to People, the show revealed in 2016 that Ashley was sexually abused by her babysitter’s husband. After two decades, she dealt with the aftermath through food.

“I felt like I had no one to protect me, so I turned to food to deal with it all,” she explained on the show.

Additionally, Ashley dealt with her mother’s drug addiction as a child. “If my mother had been paying attention I think she could’ve changed a lot of stuff that was going on,” she added. “But as the oldest one, I felt like I had to protect my brother and sister because they were really little. So I let it happen to me, so it wouldn’t happen to them.”

By the time Ashley went on My 600-Lb Life, she was reportedly 725 pounds. But TLC documented her weight loss. A TLC clip shows Ashley out with her young son in 2017 after massive weight loss. But she noted her fears about regaining weight or having too much loose skin.

Where is Ashley Bratcher from ‘My 600-Lb Life’ now in 2021?

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