“Baby With The Harshest Face”: What Does The 3-Year-Old Girl Look Like Now?

Isabella Pereira de Jesus entered the world in Rio de Janeiro on February 13, 2020, through a cesarean section.

Fast forward to today, she’s now a lively three-year-old with her own social media presence.

Photographer Rodrigo Kunzman captured a memorable moment of Isabella’s funny expression right after her birth. Two years later, he revisited the idea and shared a new photo of her online.

Isabella’s mother, Diane de Jesús Barbosa, shares that her daughter has always had a strong personality.

Even from the moment of her birth, Isabella displayed her spirited character by frequently furrowing her brows during diaper changes and feeding times.

Born a week earlier than expected, Isabella wasted no time in making her presence known.

With over 9,000 followers, Isabella’s parents regularly update her followers with significant moments from her life.

Indeed, this amusing little girl is growing up right before our eyes, isn’t she?

Source: animalplanetnow.com

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