Brazilian woman supports her son by drawing a copy of his birthmark on her face

Carolina Giraldelli from Caceres, Brazil, about a year ago became the mother of a wonderful boy named Enzo. The woman had her baby with caesarian section, as the baby had a double umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

When the baby was born, Carolina was shocked! There was a huge birthmark on her son’s face. As it turned out, Enzo had a congenital melanocytic nevus. It is harmless and is formed in the early stages of fetal development.

Seeing the huge birthmark on the boy’s face, the woman made a decision: from this moment on, I have to become another person – a stronger, fearless and brave one. A person, who’s ready to face all obstacles, that my son will have to face in the future.

Carolina noticed how some people looked at her son with pity, and others with undisguised contempt. The mother’s heart couldn’t bear all these glances. She wanted to prove, that her son, despite the birthmark, was just as a normal child, as the children of those, who cast curious glances at her Enzo.

In order to feel what awaits her son in the future, the woman made herself the same mark as her child with the help of makeup. After passing a day with the “mark”, the woman experienced a lot of emotions. And the most important of them was pride! She was the “proudest mother in the world”.

The woman posted a photo of her with the “mark” on social media and was very surprised, when she got a lot of supportive comments from total strangers.


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