Bride left all in tears after groom’s ‘unhinged’ mother disrupted wedding in unexpected way…

Navigating a relationship with in-laws can be challenging, and for one bride, it proved exceptionally difficult. Hailing from a low-income family, she faced accusations of being a gold digger as she married into a wealthy Mexican family earlier this month.

The torment began well before the wedding, with the groom’s family reportedly harassing the bride throughout her relationship with their affluent relative. They even attempted to bribe her to end the partnership. When the couple announced their engagement, the groom’s mother allegedly faked a heart attack, attributing her ill health to the couple and demanding her son cover all medical bills.

Despite the groom’s mother, brother, and sister refusing to attend the wedding, the mother still managed to disrupt the special day. It’s reported that she hired someone to throw red paint on the bride’s wedding dress just outside the church where the ceremony took place.

The situation gained attention online, with a Reddit user sharing more details. Although not personally acquainted with the bride, the user claimed that she has been consistently targeted by her in-laws due to her lower socioeconomic status. Allegedly, the in-laws threatened her, created multiple social media accounts to harass her, and even offered her a blank check to leave her husband and the family.

Despite the challenging start to the wedding day, the rest reportedly proceeded without issues, and the bride changed into another dress she already owned. However, the family’s interference persisted after the wedding. They stole the groom’s passport and visa and attempted to sabotage the couple’s honeymoon by bribing the travel agency. Fortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful, and the newlyweds managed to enjoy a successful honeymoon despite the family drama.

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