Burly bikers stand in court with kids to help them feel safe against abusers

A group of bikers have come together to help encourage children to speak up against their abusers, BACA is an organisation that believes “no child deserves to live in fear”

These bikers have sworn to protect kids and encourage them to stand up to their abusers (Image: Bikers Against Child Abuse)

Bikers have long been the victim of stereotypes, more often than not when we think of bikers we vision aggressive, stunt-obsessed and road-ragey men.

But fighting against this stereotype is the Bikers Against Child Abuse organisation, a group of burly bikers who’s sole purpose of existing is to keep kids safe and ensure kids are confident in court against their abusers.


Started over 20 years ago by John Paul Lily, who is simply known within BACA as “Chief” – the group aims to make children feel safe and confident when standing up against abusers.

Founder, John Paul Lily, saw a need among abused children to heal through regaining the confidence to be a kid again, after going through something so traumatic.

Founder, John Paul Lily, saw a need among abused children to heal through regaining the confidence to be a kid again (Image: Bikers Against Child Abuse)

So Chief did exactly that, he organised a band of burly bikers to step up and form an unbreakable pact with these kids.

BACA members start off by riding out for a formal meeting with each kid that decides to become part of the BACA family.

If a child is living in fear of abuse and is scared to leave their home or schools, parents or guardians can arrange to have the child meet a BACA member, and become part of this protected pack.

The organisation come to court to help kids feel safe as they face abusers that hurt them (Image: Bikers Against Child Abuse)

The child is even presented with their own biker jacket and a BACA patch sewn into the back that lets all others know they are a member of a big family that looks out for them.

In court, kids can be intimidated against adults and loser their self-confidence.

It can be traumatic and confusing standing up against an abuser, and can often trigger kids to relive their most horrific moments, resulting in being unable to speak up without fear.

To tackle this, having a bunch of burly bikers who have sworn to protect you with their very lives, can do a lot to bolster an abused child’s confidence when they’re facing the pressures of standing up in court.

Ultimately, the BACA motto encompasses exactly what the organisation believes in, and why it exists: “No child deserves to live in fear.”

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