Can You Identify These 7 Mystery Items?

Every week, our readers submit photos of beautiful antiques they come across. And sometimes, we stumble upon items that leave us puzzled. That’s where you, our wonderful readers, come in. Take a look at these seven mysterious items and see if you can help us identify them. We greatly appreciate your keen eyes and vast knowledge!

Mystery Item 1: Brevetto Ferrari 2

Madeleine Levaggi sent us a photo of this intriguing item. After reaching out to the Cotton Museum of South Carolina, we found out that it’s not a cotton gin as some might think. The logo on it says “Brevetto Ferrari 2.” Do you have any ideas about what it could be?

Mystery Item 2: Inherited Treasures

Theresa Goulette Crane inherited these items and is curious to know more about them. Can you help unravel the mystery behind these intriguing heirlooms?

Mystery Item 3: Unidentified Object

Irene Samuels stumbled upon this mysterious object and is eager to learn more about it. If you have any information or ideas about what it could be, please share your thoughts!

Mystery Item 4: The Removable Coasters

Bonnie Boyt is curious about this unique item with what appears to be removable coasters. Do you have any insights or knowledge about this intriguing piece?

Mystery Item 5: Another Look

Karen Blondin provides us with another perspective of the item she’s been trying to identify. Do you have any clues or suggestions that could help solve this mystery?

Mystery Item 6: Enigmatic Objects

Thea North is intrigued by these enigmatic objects. Can you shed some light on what they might be?

Mystery Item 7: Help Needed!

Reenie Ragle Vermillion is in desperate need of help. This item features a sight gauge on the side and a cone-shaped bottom with a spigot. Any ideas about its purpose?

Mystery Item 8 A Heavy Glass Object
This person turned to Reddit to share a picture of a glass object lying on a wooden table. They said it was extremely heavy, came with no markings, and bore a very narrow hole on its top. What could it be?

The Answer: The mystery of the bizarre-looking glass object was cracked by a genius netizen who used two words to solve the puzzle: Oil candle. We bet you didn’t see that one coming, or did you?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share any insights, knowledge, or suggestions you may have regarding these intriguing items. Thank you for being an invaluable part of our community!


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