Dad who weighed staggering 73st went four years without washing and was size of minivan

Kenneth Brumley, known as the ‘half-ton dad,’ gained global fame for once weighing a colossal 73st (462 kg). Featured in the Channel 4 documentary “Half-Ton Dad,” he couldn’t walk or wash himself, leading to a four-year struggle. Firefighters had to breach a wall to rescue him from his home in Texas.

Kenneth’s food addiction began in his late teens, leading to a daily intake of around 30,000 calories, equivalent to what an average person eats in two weeks. Despite an incident that made him rethink his life, his food dependency persisted.

After intense medical intervention, Kenneth shed 11st (70 kg), underwent fat removal surgery, and had a gastric bypass. He began the journey to walk again after 15 years in a wheelchair.

However, Kenneth’s life post-documentary remains shrouded in mystery. No updates or interviews are available online, and his current status remains unknown, leaving many to speculate about his well-being.

A Twitter account allegedly belonging to him emerged in 2023 but remains inactive.

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