Dedicated 80-Year-Old Husband’s Daily Breakfast Ritual for Wife in Nursing Home

Sometimes in life, we meet someone and immediately feel that they are the one we want to spend our life with. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate on this journey called life, but when you do, make sure to cherish and never let them go.

There was an 80-year-old man who regularly visited his wife in a nursing facility. He would bring her flowers and breakfast. One day, someone who saw him doing this every morning asked him about his wife and why she was at the facility. The man explained that his wife had Alzheimer’s disease.

The curious person asked, “Would your wife be upset if one day you didn’t come and bring her breakfast?” The man replied, “She wouldn’t even remember. She hasn’t recognized me for five years; she doesn’t know who I am.”

Still puzzled, the person asked, “So why do you bring your wife breakfast every morning, even though she doesn’t recognize you?” With a smile, the loving husband said, “She may not know who I am, but I know who she is.”

This story has touched our hearts deeply.

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