Dog Eats $4,000 In Cash: Guess How Owners Got It Back

“My dog ate my homework!”A classic excuse for kids at one time. But Cecil, the dog, really ate something important.

Some Dogs Will Eat Anything

Way back when I was a little kid, I had a Peek-a-Pom named Yogi. No, not a ‘hybrid.’ The neighbor’s Pomeranian wasn’t spayed, and she got out. A few months later, I got a puppy – that looked like a tiny little bear. And my little bear ate a half a pound of fudge, that was left on the table for company.

I was so scared, because chocolate can be lethal for dogs. I thought sure he was a goner. Our vet said he was ok, but he might be a little sick. He was right. He left the fudge behind (I’m sure you know what I mean) over a few days, and was ok.

Cecil Ate A Stack Of Cash

A couple in Pittsburgh named Clayton and Carrie Law were having a new fence put in last month, and the workers wanted to be paid in cash. So they went to the bank and took out $4,000. Less than thirty minutes later, it was gone. Cecil, their dog, ATE IT ALL!

According to KDKA News/CBS Pittsburgh, Cecil is a seven-year-old Goldendoodle. Clayton and Carrie say he usually doesn’t chew stuff up, or take things from the couch. They say Cecil is very human-like. Well, like with many humans, this stack of cash was very inviting to Cecil!

The bank told them this isn’t that uncommon. And they’d replace any of the bills – as long as the serial numbers were still visible. So, Clayton and Carrie got to work.

Good News, They Got The Money Back. Guess How?

The good news: They managed to get most of the money back. The bad news: HOW they got it back. They had to sift through – you guessed it. Cecil’s doodle.

Cecil threw up some of the cash, too. But to get the rest, they had to wait for him to do his business. Then collect the half-digested bills. Then wash them. And then, look for the serial numbers. Each bill was basically like putting together a tiny jigsaw puzzle. Which, I’m quite certain, didn’t smell great.

After lots of hard work, they ended up with $3,550. Only losing $450 bucks on the deal!

Cecil is fine, by the way, and they’ve already forgiven him. They said moving forward, they’ll remember that he has very expensive taste!

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