Dog Was Dumped By His Owner Because of His Enormous Tumor. You Won’t Believe How He Looks Now

In Morocco, the Beledi Refuge received a call from a vet who was dealing with a desperate case. A man had brought in a three-month-old puppy with a massive tumor weighing more than the rest of his body. The puppy was in a lot of pain and distress, but the owner didn’t want help; instead, he wanted to euthanize the dog. The vet couldn’t do it as he believed that the puppy might still have a chance of survival. The owner didn’t care about any options; he just wanted to get rid of the dog. The vet suspected that the tumor was not placed in a hard-to-reach area like the brain, and he hoped that something could be done to help the young pup. The vet called the Beledi Refuge, and thankfully, they agreed to help.

The rescue team had to drive for hours to get the puppy, named Navajo, to the specialist. The tumor was even bigger than they had expected, but Navajo was full of love and curiosity. The rescue team took Navajo to the specialist, and they received the saddest news. Navajo definitely had a massive tumor that would have to be removed, but when the experts told them why the dog had the tumor in the first place, they couldn’t believe it. The tumor had come from a big hernia, the type of hernia that a dog this young would only get from massive trauma like someone kicking him very hard in his side. Navajo’s previous owner had not only dumped him because of the tumor but he was also likely the reason for it in the first place.

The rescue team scheduled the surgery, and people were worried that Navajo’s heart had taken a lot of surgery strain. The medical team was really happy with the results. They had managed to get the entire tumor and repair the hernia. Navajo had been given a second chance at life, and they couldn’t wait to see what he’d do with it.


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