During a very cold night, a rich man and a homeless old man met.

During a very cold night, a rich man and a homeless old man met. He was stopped by the millionaire, who questioned: “I see you don’t have a winter coat, you’re not cold”?

The elderly man gave him a long look before saying, “I don’t, but I’m used to it.” The wealthy man told him to wait for him after being shocked by the response he had received. I’m going to bring you a heavy coat from my house so you can stay warm at night.

The elderly man’s face brightened up as he cheerfully assured him that he would stay and wait for him there. The wealthy man entered the home but promptly forgot the agreement with the elderly man. When he woke up the next morning, he thought about the unfortunate man and hurried outside to look for him. Sadly, the old man had passed away from the cold.

The millionaire found a note left by the old man. “When I didn’t have thick clothes, I had the strength to fight the cold weather, because I was used to it, but when you promised to help me, I attached myself to your promise and that took my strength. to resist. ”

MORAL: Promise nothing, never, not even love, if you can’t keep your promise. For you, it may not mean anything, but it could mean everything to someone else!

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