Elon Musk trolls Facebook and Instagram after they go down for everyone worldwide

During a global Facebook and Instagram outage, Elon Musk seized the opportunity to humorously comment on the situation. Posting on his social media platform X, he quipped, “If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working.” His X account echoed the sentiment, teasing users with, “We know why you’re all here rn.” Musk’s platform became a refuge for users seeking updates amidst the chaos.

Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram users, perplexed by the sudden outage, flooded other social media platforms with comments and jokes. Many initially feared hacking when they were logged out, only to realize it was a widespread issue. On Reddit, users shared humorous anecdotes about the situation, particularly about forgetting their passwords. While Meta acknowledged the issue, the cause of the outage remained unknown. With social media platforms temporarily unavailable, users sought entertainment and updates on alternate platforms like X and Reddit.

Source: lifepress.info

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