Fans spotted the world-famous singer working as a waitress.. What really happened with her…

This week, Lana Del Rey surprised fans by working at a Waffle House in Alabama. In a name badge and Waffle House costume, the musician,

whose recordings have sold millions of copies, was observed working behind the counter at the Florence restaurant.

Customers were obviously shocked to see the multiple award-winning singer/songwriter taking orders

and serving customers, but Del Rey handled the situation politely and was happy to pose for photos with her fans.

To say I’m joyful would be an understatement. After getting a chance to take a photo with the famous person, Karina Cisneros Juarez posted about it on Facebook.

The fan, who has been a major Lana Del Rey fan for more than ten years, declared that meeting Lana Del Rey today was ‘truly insane.’

Juarez confirmed to that she was there, complete with a uniform.

It appeared a little odd. I just told her how much I loved her music and everything she had done. She was very lovely and kind.

After seeing photographs of Del Rey, fans expressed their disbelief on social media, with one writing, ‘She’s humble. I treasure it.

She just wants to be normal, and I feel her, said another.Imagine Lana Del Rey is your waiter and you’re just about to eat, said one person.

10 minute songs, Waffle House employee, singer, actress, another joker quipped. What precisely can’t Miss Lana Del Rey do?

Another individual remarked, ‘Lana coded; she is so unserious. This is just so unbelievable.’
Unknown are the 38-year-old’s location and whether she actually put in a full shift.

She was allegedly handed the uniform and name tag by Waffle House staff members and then wanted to join in on the fun by trying her hand at serving customers, according to several social media users.

When accepting Variety’s Artist of the Decade Award in 2021, Del Rey claimed that she was ‘very flexible” and had “other job opportunities” outside of the music industry.

The singer said, ‘I’ve been really happy to follow my inspiration for the last 18 years,’ adding

‘That has occasionally taken me really far away from music into other genres and other job opportunities that have nothing at all to do with the arts,’ the woman remarked.

I’m highly versatile, and I’ve discovered that pursuing your passions will help you stand out as the most creative person in your field.

If you win the decade award and land a 9-to-5 job, you should still trust your instincts.


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