Father Hunts Down Man That Abused His Daughter, Makes Him Pay The Price

Each day, heartless individuals abduct young girls and women, thrusting them into the horrors of sex trafficking. Families often endure the anguish of not knowing their loved ones’ whereabouts. In Spokane, Washington, a 60-year-old father named John Eisenman took matters into his own hands upon discovering that 19-year-old Andrew Sorensen had kidnapped and sold his daughter into sex slavery.

Eisenman’s daughter had been in a relationship with Sorensen, who callously sold her into a Seattle sex trafficking ring in October 2020. Miraculously, Eisenman rescued his daughter before she suffered severe abuse and brought her home safely.

A month later, Eisenman tracked down Sorensen and took matters into his own hands. He abducted, bound, and placed Sorensen in the trunk of his car, delivering a physical beating as a stern message against exploiting young girls and women in sex trafficking rings.

Tragically, Eisenman killed Sorensen during this confrontation. Authorities found Sorensen’s decomposing body in an abandoned car owned by Brenda Kross, Eisenman’s fiancée. The car’s neglect had led to a foul odor and mold growth, hinting at decay inside.

Eisenman initially claimed the car was stolen but later confessed to the murder, motivated by revenge for what Sorensen had done to his daughter. He was arrested on first-degree murder charges, with a $1 million bond set.

Source: dailydailys.com

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