Grandma Throws The Walker & Shows Off Incredible Dance Moves In A Heartwarming Video

The song and dance that a grandmother and her grandson created to commemorate the day the grandma gained the strength to move around without a walker are now going viral!

The celebration was first shown in a video last week by the TikTok account broooook3, and it soon racked up over a million views and thousands of shares.

“Grandma’s got to walker, aye!… Grandma doesn’t need a walker anymore… The walker’s probably gonna be locked up in the closet,” exclaimed the young man while playing the keyboard and rocking vintage sunglasses.

Grandma, meanwhile, is grooving to the music and flexing her dance skills as she enjoys the pleasure of not needing the walker.

The grandmother has some really amazing skills, and it’s clear that she danced a lot throughout her life. The song that the grandson wrote is quite catchy; you can find yourself singing it nonstop. The couple’s nearly palpable happiness, though, is the highlight of the video.

“They’re each other’s hype men,” exclaimed someone.

“Why is that such a bop? 😂 get it, grandma!!” made a commenter happy.

“THIS is what TikTok is for,” someone praised. “This brought me so much joy.”

“Grandma and her grandson are adorable!!” someone shared. “What a beautiful relationship.”

@broooook3 Someone get them a record label #fypシ ♬ original sound – Brookeeee

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