Grieving Father With 3 Children Uses Wife’s Cancer Medication To Take His Own Life

Losing someone we love in death is a difficult thing for anyone to endure. We all grieve differently and, at times, we might find that it is difficult to live with such a difficult situation.

When Adam Thompson lost his wife, Lucy, after she battled with breast cancer for 5 years, the pain was too much for him to bear. On October 10, his father found the body of his 39-year-old son at his Norfolk home after he didn’t show up for work.

Adam had been caring for his wife since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018. He struggled with the loss, but he also experienced the loss of his pet dog and another loved family member at the same time as her death.

Unfortunately, Adam is also leaving behind 3 children after taking his own life using his late wife’s cancer medicine.

According to a statement read to the coroner, his family said: “Adam was loving, kind, and caring; a loving, devoted father, son, brother, and husband. He was very much loved by all, and he always had time for everyone and had many, many friends.”

They also described adam as a man who enjoyed sports and both worked and played hard. He was devastated after losing his wife and didn’t know how to go on.

Adam and Lucy were married in July 2019 after she had been cleared of Cancer by the doctors. Less than a year later, she was told that secondary breast cancer had led to multiple tumors in her liver.

After telling doctors she wanted to spend her last days at home, she was given painkillers. The medicine was not taken from the home after her death. The family reported: “Adam had access to all of this medication and four months after Lucy passed away, he used all of Lucy’s medication to take his own life feeling he had no other options.”

Lucy was loved by many and the family spoke about how she stayed brave while she battled cancer. She even asked that people give to cancer charities on her behalf after her death.

We hope the family finds comfort during this difficult time.


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