Groomsmen perform for the bride, but the groom’s younger brother takes the spotlight. VIDEO

Dancing at weddings is a centuries-old practice that remains an important feature of many modern wedding ceremonies. It’s a chance for the couple to celebrate their marriage while also inviting family and friends to join in on the celebration.

Dance was traditionally done to express respect and honor to a newlywed couple. This might be a dance between the bride and groom, or it could be a dance with the entire bridal party. The dance might also be a means for guests who attended the wedding to express their delight, happiness, and love. Specific dances were done in certain civilizations to fend off bad spirits or to praise the gods for their favors.

People nowadays, conventional or not, like dancing at weddings. Choreographed group dances are all the rage in the era of social media. Here’s one with a unique twist that I hope you’ll enjoy.

At this wedding, the guys take the bride to a chair to observe, then begin a well-executed group dance to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” When the music changes to Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean,” the groom’s younger brother puts on his hat and takes the stage. And his younger brother impresses everyone with his moonwalk and MJ impersonation. And the groom and his wedding party fare well as well!

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