Harry and Meghan shares new pictures of son Archie in Netflix documentary – his accent takes fans by surprise

For all their talk of living a quieter life, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle never left the spotlight when they moved to the US.

Their new documentary series has sent shockwaves through the royal sphere, leaving viewers with a range of emotions from happy, to angry, to surprised, and even shocked. In the released episodes, the couple share insights into their early relationship and the road toward their marriage.

Yet they also – expectedly or unexpectedly – take aim the Royal Family and what they felt they were exposed to before leaving it. Moreover, they also share a glimpse into their private life as their children, Archie and Lilibet, grow up.

The children will spend this Christmas with their family on Meghan’s side, as Harry and his wife reportedly won’t travel to Sandringham to enjoy the holidays with the British royals. Archie and Lilibet have largely been kept out of the spotlight – their parents have chosen not to release too many pictures of them at all.

However, in the Netflix documentary series, Harry and Meghan are in many ways inviting fans into their private life. Naturally, that means sharing pictures and videos of their beloved children. With that in mind, one thing in particular has stood out to viewers – and it might just reveal a big secret about Archie.

Before Archie could even talk or walk, he was caught up in a considerable controversy within the Royal Family. It all started with the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview, where his mother, Meghan spoke openly about her time and troubles where living in the UK was concerned.

She revealed many things about the Firm, including that then-Prince Charles was refusing to take Harry’s phone calls.

However, the most shocking part occurred when Meghan claimed conversations had taken place within the palace concerning how dark Archie’s skin would be prior to his birth.

“They were concerned that if he were too brown, that that would be a problem?” Oprah asked Meghan.

“I wasn’t able to follow up with why,” Meghan replied. “But that — if that’s the assumption you’re making, I think that feels like a pretty safe one.”

She declined to name the person who commented, adding only: “I think that would be very damaging to them.”

By the time Harry and Meghan’s royal duties officially ended on March 31, 2020, they had already welcomed Archie. The family are now four after the arrival of their daughter, Lilibet, in 2021.

Tradition dictates that the mother and father of a new royal baby are expected to release the first image of their child. And only two days after Archie’s arrival in 2019, it became so.

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Harry and Meghan shares new pictures of son Archie in Netflix documentary – his accent takes fans by surprise

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