Heavy round metal object buried in yard, SE USA. Solid plastic cover with 4 wires sticking out.

My title describes the thing – roughly the size of a small plate and very solid. Thinking it might be some sort of engine part? Does not seem like its meant to be outside. Initially thought sprinkler system but no hose attachment point as far as I can tell. The bottom has 6 rounded coils which again lead me to believe its mechanical.


  1.  One of the best parts about living in the US is you can dig stuff up in your yard and it’s probably not gonna be an unexploded ordinance from a war.
  2. My guess is a washing machine motor.
  3. I thought it looked like the top of a internal fuel pump
  4. That is the rear cover and stator/windings of a Marco box fan motor used by Lasko in the 80s on a wide range of fans from box fans to floor fans.
  5. Thermostats have four colored wires like this
  6. Indian artifacts maybe
  7. About how wide is it? And does it show any type abbreviation for some company?
  8. The universe’s tiniest Millenium Falcon
  9. I believe that belongs to Tony Stark.
  10. If there is a N,E,S,W I would say it’s a compass, the wires may have been attached to a boat by the steering wheel
  11. Why ET couldn’t call home
  12. Indian artifacts maybe
  13. Ovaltine decoder
  14. Looks like a land mine
  15. Motor cover
  16. Quick, put it back. Its a Hell Gate coverin
  17. Piece of a Boeing plane that fell off in the air.
  18. A smoke alarm someone couldn’t get to turn off
  19. Stator for a motorcycle or small engine.
  20. I’m pretty sure it was the proto type for the starship enterprise.


In the heart of the southeastern United States, where the sun bathes the land in warmth and the soil whispers stories of generations past, an unexpected discovery lies buried beneath the earth. Beneath the verdant carpet of grass, nestled among the roots of ancient trees, rests a heavy round metal object. Its presence, a silent sentinel of mysteries yet unveiled, beckons curious minds to ponder its origins.

Cloaked in a sturdy shroud of solid plastic, the object stands resilient against the passage of time. Four wires, like tendrils of curiosity, emerge from its protective casing, hinting at a hidden purpose waiting to be unearthed. Each wire, a thread connecting the past to the present, holds the promise of revelation.

Is it a forgotten relic of bygone days, a remnant of early homesteads that once dotted the landscape? Or does it harbor a more utilitarian function, a modern marvel of infrastructure silently serving its purpose beneath the surface? The possibilities dance like fireflies in the twilight, illuminating the imagination with each flicker of speculation.

Perhaps it is a humble septic tank access point, silently managing the flow of life’s remnants beneath the ground. Or could it be an irrigation control valve box, orchestrating the symphony of water that sustains the vibrant tapestry of flora above?

In the southeastern breeze, whispers of history mingle with the fragrance of magnolias, as the enigmatic object remains steadfast in its silent vigil. Its presence a testament to the resilience of the land and the mysteries that lie buried beneath its fertile embrace.

As the sun sets on another day in the southeastern United States, the heavy round metal object with its solid plastic cover and four wires sticking out stands as a silent guardian of secrets, waiting patiently for the curious explorer willing to unravel its tale.

Source: positivitybuzz.com

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