I found this inside an ornate radiator in a Victorian House? Any idea?

A questioner said:
I found this inside an ornate radiator in a Victorian House? Any idea?

The asnwers is:

Late 19th century Victorian radiator with a built in warming oven, which was usually used to keep plates warm before serving food on them.

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In the world of antiquities and historic homes, every nook and cranny holds the potential for discovery, and sometimes these finds can be as enigmatic as they are fascinating. Recently, a peculiar artifact was stumbled upon within the confines of an ornate radiator nestled within the walls of a Victorian house, leaving its discoverer with more questions than answers.

The unearthing of this mysterious object took place during a routine inspection of the century-old residence, located in the heart of a quaint, historic neighborhood. As the homeowner and a curious enthusiast of all things vintage, I couldn’t resist the temptation to explore every corner of the house, eager to uncover traces of its storied past. Little did I expect to stumble upon such a peculiar find concealed within the intricate metalwork of the home’s heating apparatus.

Nestled snugly amidst the coils and crevices of the radiator lay a small, weathered object, its origins shrouded in mystery. Upon closer inspection, it revealed itself to be a tarnished locket, intricately adorned with delicate patterns and embellishments reminiscent of the Victorian era. Its surface bore the patina of time, hinting at decades spent hidden from sight, waiting to be rediscovered.

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