I Made My Elderly Parents Choose between Living in My Garage and a Nursing Home

A woman, living alone in a five-bedroom house, decided to let her parents move into the garage she had converted into a guest house. Despite informing her children about this arrangement, her parents were disappointed and upset when they discovered their living quarters. The woman, who had anticipated her parents’ choice, was shocked by their reaction.

In response, she made it clear that they had to accept the garage living space or opt for a nursing home. Reddit users expressed support for the woman, citing her parents’ seeming entitlement and emphasizing the benefits of the well-equipped guest house. Some suggested setting boundaries and occasional visits for the parents.

“My friend recently turned her shed into a beautiful guest house, kitchen appliances, private bathroom, the works, her parents are currently living there, and they don’t have a problem with it. They like the privacy, and they like being close to their child.”

However, some people thought the woman should have clarified everything with her parents from the beginning. Some told the woman she should tell her parents they could occasionally visit her in the main house but needed to respect her boundaries.

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