Iconic ’80s Stars Donna Mills, Loni Anderson, and More Unite for A Divas Christmas on Lifetime

Sometimes, finding love can be as simple as smiling at someone cute in line for coffee. But in Lifetime’s new holiday movie called “Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas,” it’s a bit more complicated. In this movie, five soap opera stars decide to help people find love during the holiday season.

These soap opera stars are played by Loni Anderson, Morgan Fairchild, Linda Gray, Donna Mills, and Nicollette Sheridan. They used to work together on a soap opera, and now they’re reuniting to film the final Christmas episode.

However, things get tricky because they have old disagreements, and they start arguing during the production. This almost ruins the whole Christmas show.

When they realize that their fighting might cancel the Christmas special, they agree to get along for the sake of the show. Even better, they notice that the show’s producer, Alex, and director, Nell, still have feelings for each other. So, the ladies decide to help them get back together.

The executive producer, Larry A. Thompson, is very excited to bring these five amazing women together for this holiday movie.

The movie also includes actors like Christopher Atkins, Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, and Donna Mills’s daughter, Chloe Mills. There’s also a special theme song by ’80s pop star Tiffany.

We don’t know the exact release date for “Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas” yet, but Lifetime will announce it soon along with their other holiday movies.

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