If You Spot A Worm With A Ring Around It, Here’s What You Need To Do…

A troublesome worm species from Asia is wreaking havoc in gardens and yards across the American Midwest. These invasive jumping worms can thrive in various soil types, establishing themselves in the fertile lands between the coasts. With no natural predators in the United States, they multiply unchecked, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Feeding on soil, these worms strip it of moisture and nutrients, rendering it unfit for plant growth and vulnerable to erosion. Their unsettling twisting movements add to their creepy reputation.

As of 2021, these invasive worms have spread across several Midwestern states, including Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, and more. To combat their spread, experts recommend exposing them using a mustard powder and water mixture, which irritates their skin, causing them to emerge from the soil.

Identifiable by a distinctive white ring near their head, these worms pose a threat to local ecosystems.

It’s crucial to remove and dispose of any adult worms found and avoid purchasing them for bait, gardening, or composting. Properly heated compost or mulch can help prevent the spread of their egg casings, which are not viable above 104 degrees Fahrenheit..

Source: positivitybuzz.com

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