«Is this Gladiator now? No way!»: The radically changed appearance of Crowe left everyone speechless

The fans refuse to believe that this obese man with a gray beard is an iconic Gladiator 😱😳

The way this prominent and successful Hollywood actor has changed will let no single one stay indifferent. The recent paparazzi photos still surface on the network and are the main subject of discussions.

The fans were literally stunned by their favorite film star’s radical transformation. Some of them could hardly believe that he was the same heartthrob they once adored.

«Where did he get such a beer belly from?», «How long did we sleep?», «I can hardly believe my eyes!», «Is this Gladiator? No way!», «He let himself go!».

«And you are telling me that this obese man is our favorite actor from childhood?», «How much has he gained I wonder?», «No trace of his younger self!».

«Doesn’t he have anybody who could give him a hand?», «I feel sorry for our iconic actor! He definitely didn’t deserve this».

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