«It’s illegal to look so hot at 56!»: The fans were delighted to see Miley Cyrus’s agelessly beautiful mother

Miley Cyrus showed her beautiful mother and now everyone is in love with her 😱😍

Only a few have seen Letizia Cyrus, the mother of one of today’s most successful, desirable and outstanding singers. After the recent photos, some claimed that she looked even younger than her celebrity daughter.

She is a talented producer, interior designer and true style icon who even excels her famous child in charisma and femininity.

The relationship between the performer and her mother is believed to be pure and warm. In the recent photos they look like twins and it is even hard to say where the mother is.

Some hold the opinion that the mother of the celebrity has undergone countless surgeries and injections to look so hot at such an age. Do you think so?

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