Jill Biden mocked for WWII book ban comparison


Jill Biden is taking heat from the masses on social media after she spoke about Republicans wanting sexually explicit books out of schools and conjured comparisons to Nazi Germany during the World War II era. Jill was trying to praise Joe’s administration’s work to help the LGBT community, but instead found herself making absolutely no sense during her nonsensical speech


She said: “History teaches us that democracies don’t disappear overnight.. They disappear slowly. Subtly. Silently. A book ban. A court decision. A ‘don’t say gay’ law. Before World War II, I’m told, Berlin was the center of LGBTQ culture in Europe… One group of people loses their rights. And then another, and another. Until one morning you wake up and you no longer live in a democracy…


Jill Biden was trying to compare censorship and book bans/burning that happened in Austria, in the 1930s. She suggested that any parents, Republicans, etc who want explicit books out of their children’s schools were basically like Nazis. Except, the only books that parents want out of the schools are the ones that have potentially adult content in them. Which, if you’re an adult who’s not a groomer, is actually common sense. Anyone fighting to keep explicit books in schools should probably not be near a school.


There’s so many good books out there, millions of them, so why does any school need a book or two with explicit content? Well, we don’t need those. And that’s the only thing parents and Republicans want to do. They’re not out there banning every book they hate, they just want the inappropriate books away from the kids. Is that so hard for people to grasp?


thought our country, parents, and schools had morals. We’re going down the wrong road if any school allows sexually explicit material in their classrooms. There’s education, then there’s propaganda. Know the difference. Sex ed is one thing, but you and I know where that line gets crossed – and it’s gotta stop being crossed. Jill Biden has doctorate in education, which is pretty easy to get, but she should know better. Needless to say, Jill Biden is being mocked all across social media for this one – and she deserves it.

Source: viralus9.com

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