JLo Slammed for Acting ‘So Rude’ toward Guest at Met Gala Red Carpet: Video & Details of What Happened

Social media users have lashed out at Jennifer Lopez for her “rude” behavior towards a Met Gala guest. The video, posted on Instagram and Tik Tok and gone viral, shows why the public is outraged by the star’s behavior.

In the Met Gala news, Jennifer Lopez found herself at the center of a scandal because of how she behaved towards a guest who attended a fashion extravaganza show. A video posted by a guest, Anika Reed, shows Lopez being cold towards her, and the public doesn’t like it.

The video shows the Hollywood star climbing the porch steps with the help of his team. Reed politely asks Lopez, “What are you wearing tonight?” as the “I’m Real” singer walks past her on the red carpet.

Lopez, who seemed unperturbed and uninterested, answered Reed’s question briefly, turning her head slightly to look at her, and answered briefly: “Schiaparelli.” She then continued walking in the same direction and greeted someone else.

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