John Cena Walks on Oscar Stage Naked and People Have Feelings

As People watch on to see if their favorite movies this year wins any Oscars, fans were stunned when John Cena walked on stage.

Cena was there to present the Oscar for “Best Costume Design” and when Cena walked on stage the crowd and people at home were shocked.

Cena was completely in the nude with only the winner card covering himself.

Cena revealed that he was proving a point. “Costumes,” he said, “They are so important. Maybe the most important part,” adding that he’s not quite sure how he’s going to read the envelope after the nominations are revealed.

However, as the stage went black, behind the scenes video showed a group of quick change costume artists putting Cena in a toga so that he can continue presenting the Oscar to one lucky winner.

Some found the bit absolutely hilarious, while others, including conservative shock jock Benny Johnson, said it was “the degradation of men continued.”

What do you think?

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