John Schneider Reveals Details Of His Wife’s Passing Through Tears

John Schneider is an actor who is well known for his role as Bo Duke on the Dukes Of Hazard television show. That show ran from 1975-1985. He is also a married man, three times over.

Schneider has had his problems with marriages but he decided to take another chance with his third wife, after getting married to his girlfriend, Alicia Allain. At first, the marriage was not legally recognized because he was in the middle of a five-year divorce from his second wife.

They exchanged vows on September 25, 2019, in a small ceremony at John Schneider Studios. It was essentially in a barn in Holden, Louisiana and they planned on making the marriage official once his divorce was final.

His new wife said that it was a wonderful celebration, a sanctuary of love. John chimed in that happy is too small of a word.

Unfortunately, they were only married three years before she passed away in February 2023. The 53-year-old woman was surrounded by her family when she passed.

Her husband went on Facebook the next day and wrote: “My beautiful Smile is pain-free, living in her new body alongside Jesus.”

He had spoken about her battle with breast cancer previously, and she said that she had been diagnosed with stage IV HER2 negative cancer.

John stayed behind the scenes for six months after Allain’s death but he then made a public appearance. He said that her death would result in “remarkable, great things.”

Through tears, John said that he would never get over his wife’s death and that he was struggling with grief. He also said that he would now be devoting his life to helping those who are also struggling with grief.

John added that he was writing the new album, “We Are Still Us” to honor Allain. He spoke about this and his feelings when he was in Hollywood at the Drinks with Dee Dee cabaret show. He was there to support Dee Dee Sorvino, who had recently lost her husband.

He also said that they work together on films and he is still doing what he can to honor her in an artistic way after the loss.


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