King Charles’ strict demand for Harry ahead of ‘peace talks’ after being “mortally wounded,” revealed

King Charles and Prince Harry’s relationship was at rock bottom following the many allegations made in Harry’s book, Spare. Despite that, the Duke was invited to attend his father’s coronation in May. However, he was not invited to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the rest of the royals. It showed the strict line between what a royal and a non-working-royal were allowed to do – and the question on everyone’s lips is whether the rift will ever end.

But now, it seems like Harry and Charles are trying to come to an understanding. Reports of peace talks have surrounded the royals over the past few days, and it appears that Charles and his son wish to bury the hatchet. Although Meghan won’t attend, King Charles has one strict demand before the two sit at the negotiation table.

If Charles gets his demand, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s life will be quite different from what they’ve gotten used to.

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Harry has not met his father since the coronation on May 6. He arrived in London on the day of the coronation, with reports insisting his trip to the UK would be brief. And that certainly was the case.

Harry won’t have any ‘peace talks’ with brother William

Prince Harry sat a couple of rows behind his royal family members, and as the ceremony at Westminster Abbey ended, the Duke left and headed straight back to the US via Heathrow. Harry was determined not to miss his son Archie’s birthday, as it was on the same day as the coronation.

While he didn’t stay for lunch with his royal family members, it was reported that several of them were happy that he didn’t join them. The relationship with several of them, including his brother, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, is the worst it’s ever been. Not strange, considering what Harry accused them of in his book, Spare, where he criticized several of his family members, including Prince William, of initiating a physical confrontation.

Reports suggest that there is no chance” for Harry to meet with William over ‘peace talks,’ as the future king refuses to meet his younger brother.

“He feels utterly betrayed by what Harry wrote about him in the book and said about him on Netflix,” a friend of William’s told the Daily Beast.

“They were very close growing up, so it has been very painful for William. But ultimately, what can he do? Just look at Spare. It’s literally William’s worst nightmare. I think it is completely understandable that right now, William is still absolutely disgusted by what his brother has done.”

Harry, Meghan Markle
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It is not confirmed whether Harry and Charles met in private during the prince’s 24-hour visit for the coronation or not. Charles was said to have been outraged about what Harry wrote in his book, especially about his wife, Queen Camilla, calling her a “wicked stepmother” and describing how she leaked stories to the press years ago.

Harry and Meghan invited to King Charles’ 75th birthday, royal insider claims…

Although their relationship has been at its worst from the day Spare was released, the Duke and his wife, Meghan, were still invited to the coronation. Meghan stayed in the US with their two children and has not met the royals since Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last year.

However, that might change as two significant events are approaching. Harry and Meghan are said to be invited to one of them – but they are seemingly not welcome at the second one.

On November 14, King Charles is celebrating his 75th birthday. Despite the frosty relationship with his son Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan, royal expert and author Angela Levin now believes King Charles will invite them to participate in the celebrations.

According to the Daily Mail, the birthday celebration will most likely be a low-key affair. The last year has seen several major royal events, including Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and the May 6 coronation.

It has taken up plenty of time for planning, but most importantly, it cost taxpayers millions of pounds. Therefore, public finances have been stretched, and instead, King Charles wants a “minimal” and “family-oriented” celebration without any fuss. He is said to have vetoed a major public celebration, and instead be with his dearest family members.

“His Majesty is not given to fuss over such things as it is, but he is [also] acutely conscious there have been many set-piece royal events of late, and his firm thinking is that events to mark his birthday will be minimal,” a source told the Daily Mail.

King Charles
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Another Palace insider stated: “There’s been enough fly-pasts and marches.”

As mentioned, King Charles will offer an olive branch to Harry and Meghan. According to the royal expert, the main reason is so that he can meet his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet.

…but won’t be there for one-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s passing

But Harry, Angela Levin says, should know that no apology will be given to him.

“Charles would want Harry and Meghan’s children there. If Harry and Meghan want to make an excuse, that’s their decision,” Levin told The Sun. “If Harry wants to go to get an apology, then he can get lost.”

The royal expert continued that Meghan likely won’t come with him, as their two-year-old daughter Lilibet is still too young. However, it could mean that the trip will be all-boys, with Harry bringing his five-year-old son Archie with him.

“He could go on his own and bring Archie with him. He’s a big boy now, five, and he could see his cousins,” Angela Levin added.

While Harry might meet his father for his 75 birthday celebration, reports suggest that Charles and his son plan ‘peace talks’ in just a few weeks.

But if that happens, Harry, according to experts, will simultaneously be rejected for another royal gathering coming up.

After reigning for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022, at her Scottish estate Balmoral, Scotland. Earlier that same day, her medical staff had begun worrying about her health, and in the afternoon, the sad news was broadcast to the world.

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Harry, via the BBC website, discovered that the queen had passed away as he landed in Scotland.

Harry didn’t make it in time to say goodbye to his grandmother

Upon arrival at Balmoral, Princess Anne was the one who welcomed him.

“I walked into the hall, and [Princess Anne] was there to greet me,” Harry told 60 Minutes. “And she asked me if I wanted to see her. I thought about it for about five seconds, thinking, ‘Is this a good idea?’ And I was, like, ‘You know what? You can do this. You need to say goodbye.’ So went upstairs, took my jacket off and walked in, and just spent some time with her alone.”

Harry continued: “She was in her bedroom. [She] was actually — I was really happy for her. Because she’d finished life. She’d completed life, and her husband [Prince Philip] was waiting for her. And the two of them are buried together.”

In his book, Harry wrote more about getting to say his last goodbyes to the queen.

“I stayed in one place without moving, gazing at her for a long time, gathered strength, and continued going forward,” Harry recalled in Spare, adding that he whispered a precious thing to her.

“I hoped she was happy and that she was with grandpa,” he whispered to the queen, telling her how he “admired her for having carried out her functions to the end… the Jubilee, welcoming the new Prime Minister.”

The one-year anniversary of the queen’s passing is coming up. According to royal expert and historian Tessa Dunlop, there will be a private “royal gathering at Balmoral” for the family.

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It includes King Charles and Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Kate, and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Moreover, Princess Anne; Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh; and his wife Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, are set to attend.

Harry and Meghan “haven’t been actively invited”

However, two family members are likely not to be there. Tessa Dunlop says Harry and Meghan “haven’t actively been invited” and “aren’t around.”

“It’s the idea of an open invitation for Harry and Meghan to Balmoral, which, obviously for them, it’s not a natural home for them, “she told OK!. “But they haven’t been actively invited to the commemoration. They’re not going to be in the country anyway, as Harry will probably be at the Invictus Games in Germany at the same time.”

“It’s a low-key family gathering in Balmoral for the family to remember the parting of the queen. So they haven’t actively been invited to the gathering”.

The royal expert added: “But what’s the point if they’re not going to come? You invite people if you think they’re going to come and they’re going to be around, but it’s clear they’re not around, therefore they won’t be coming”.

It’s widely known that Harry’s relationship with the royals is at rock bottom; even so, the hope for the royals is that the family will make amends in the end. Now, there might be a reconciliation coming.

King Charles, Prince Harry
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OK! Magazine reports that King Charles and Prince Harry have ongoing talks about meeting and mending peace. As Harry will be in attendance for this year’s Invictus Games in Germany next month, on September 17, the news outlet’s source says, peace talks will reportedly be held there.

“King Charles is due to return to London from Balmoral in the middle of September, which ties with the end of Harry’s Invictus Games trip to Dusseldorf,” a royal source told OK!

Harry and King Charles to engage in ‘peace talks’

“The King has a rescheduled official visit to France on September 20 so has a few days to spare in London to meet with his son. Staff are trying to fine-tune the details as we speak,” the source adds.

The meeting between Harry and Charles will be the first time since the coronation in May. Moreover, it’s the first personal meeting between father and son since Spare was released in January.

“The King loves his son very much, but he has been mortally wounded by what he has done. He will always be there for him but draws the line at public slanging matches,” the source continued. “If the talks take place, the King will make it very clear that there will be absolutely no private family business discussed in public moving forward,” the source said.

King Charles
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If Harry and Charles will come to an understanding, the hatchet will hopefully be buried for a long time to come. The two are said to barely have been on speaking terms in the last number of months, but the peace talk will most likely change that.

King Charles’ demand for Harry before the ‘peace talks’

However, before talks have begun, King Charles is set to have one demand which Harry will hear about.

According to an OK! insider, Charles won’t have any more feuds through the media.

“The King loves his son very much, but he has been mortally wounded by what he has done. He will always be there for him but draws the line at public slanging matches,” the insider said.

“If the talks take place, the King will make it very clear that there will be absolutely no private family business discussed in public moving forward.”

While Meghan Markle is said to be joining Harry at the Invictus Games, OK! reports that it’s “highly unlikely” that she will be present with Harry for the peace talks.

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