Little boy uses plastic bottles to catch fish and gets 17 million views

Have you ever tried catching fish with a plastic bottle and a string?

It can be done

Fishing is one of the earliest ways of harvesting resources together with hunting.

As such, different cultures have devised different ways how to catch fish.

From large-scale netting to line fishing, this discipline is thought to be a grown person’s job.

That is until this kid shows up and schools us on how to fish with just the simplest tools on hand.

YouTube channel Pro Fish Hunter posted a video of a kid that went viral.

The video showed the skills and the confidence of a little kid when he fished at the river with only some used soda bottles and sticks.

What’s amazing is that it worked.

While others are using branded fishing rods and other pieces of angling equipment, this little boy makes do with what he has.

He first prepares his lure.

Unlike professional fishermen who use worms, small fishes, or bugs, the little kid takes out some kind of dough putty.

After skillfully wrapping the hooks with the dough, he walks down the edge of the river to set up his fishing lines.

He plants reeds by the water.

Then, the little kid unspooled his fishing line from the soda bottles.

He placed the bottles onto the sticks to secure them.

The boy’s skill was apparent when he hurled the lines.

At such a young age, he has already developed the dexterity and instinct needed in fishing.

He left the bottles to lure fish.

Sitting by the water can be boring for some and calming for others.

This boy, though, just left his fishing lines until it snags some fish.

After three hours, the boy comes back to some slanted sticks and longer fishing lines.

He then excitedly pulled and spooled his fishing lines just to see the catch of the day.

Then, he pulled something in.

The little kid takes the first bottle and pulls the string in.

There are no apparent signs that he was struggling to pull which makes it seem like it’s a small bite.

He skillfully reels in his catch as he wrapped the string around the bottles.

After a couple of moments, the water by his feet began to flutter and whip.

A fish the size of his body.

He reeled in a fish as big as himself. He then proceeds to pull in the next one.

This time it was a smaller fish. It was maybe the size of his feet.

The third one was the easiest pull because it’s the smallest out of all the fish he got so far.

His patience and skill paid off in the end though, for the fourth fish was also a bigger one.

You can even hear his excited squeals in the video.

Commenters flooded to express their admiration.

“Amazing technique, but a much more impressive young man. At such a young age he is already a great fisherman and has incredible strength. I know he will go far in life, keep up the great work.” Said one comment.

“Man I wish I had the motivation and patience this little man had when I was growing up. This kid is amazing,” said another.

See his method as he reels in some nice sized fish in the video below!

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