“Little Celebrity”: How the boy with a heart-shaped birthmark lives

Probably, many of you have birthmarks on your bodies.

Our today’s hero is a boy, who caught everyone’s attention around the world just because he was born with a unique feature – a heart-shaped birthmark near his eyebrow.

Later it turned out, that the father didn’t even realize what it was on his son’s forehead and even tried to wipe the stain. 

However, the mark, in fact, was given to the boy at birth, who was named Chinar. 

Now the boy is 4 years old and grows in love and attention of the whole nation. Many people ask to take photos with Chinar whenever they see him, and he poses with pleasure.

Doctors say, this unique feature on his skin may be gone by the age of 6, despite the fact, that now it is even more visible.

Chinar’s parents don’t see anything bad in this birthmark. On the other hand, it looks quite cute, and the important thing is that it doesn’t threaten the boys health.

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