Man claims he’s a cyborg from 2050 sent to warn humans about apocalypse

Real question is – do you believe him?

A man, who claims to be a cyborg sent back in time, has warned of a coming apocalypse.

In fairness in 2024 it’s not like we’re short of options when it comes to how the world might end.

The modern age presents us with a smorgasbord of apocalypses.

We could go out with a bang in nuclear war, or more slowly by starvation, disease, and societal collapse from the climate crisis.

Covid-19 showed us that even with the miracles of modern medicine we’re far from immune from a plain, old-fashioned plague.

But a man, called Orrin, has claimed he’s come back from the future in a Terminatorstyle visitation.

The study of the end times is called ‘eschatology’, and humans have had a lot of different notions of what it might be.

It could be the second coming of Christ in Christianity or the arrival of the Mahdi in Islam, both of which herald the Last Judgement.

Then there’s Hindu eschatology, in which the world ends as morality declines and dharma is re-established.

Orrin’s approach is perhaps not quite so high-minded.

Orrin claims to be a cyborg sent back in time. (CBS)

Orrin claims to be a cyborg sent back in time. (CBS)

During an appearance on Dr. Phil, he said: “We are a collective conscious and it is our collective responsibility to guide Earth from the apocalypse in 2050.”

Orrin added: “We need revolution. Right now, the current system, such as socio-political status, has put people who look and sound a certain way down.

“We must change the entire institution and framework in order for us to value things such as greater good, such as society, such as the environment, such as uplifting communities.”

As expected, the self-proclaimed cyborg was widely mocked, prompting him to take part in a YouTube interview with a channel called ApexTV – which often features people claiming to be from the future – where he reiterated his claims.

Orrin was asked questions including: ‘Is there a Matrix?’, ‘Why is the corporation trying to divide us?’ and ‘How can humanity escape the Matrix?’.

We're not short of options for the end of the world. (FPG/Getty)

We’re not short of options for the end of the world. (FPG/Getty)

To which he replied: “We are being kept down by a corporation. They are lying to us through marketing schemes and propaganda to hate ourselves, to divide us based on gender, race, sexuality, identity and preference.”

Commenting on the unique interview on social media, one person wrote: “Why are people laughing at him, maybe he really want to help us.

“I have nothing to lose if I believe him, but not believing him could become catastrophic in future if he is really a cyborg.”

Another added: “I don’t doubt anything at this point in time. Everything is a possibility. Our government proves it to us every day. Lol.”

Obviously not everyone was buying it, as a third commented: “He’s pretty fluent for this all to be some made up delusion.”

A fourth chimed in: “I most amazed at the fact that he didn’t laugh not once.”


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