Man With Fake Breasts Says He’s Tired Of Being Targeted

Andrew Dennington, a resident of Addiewell, a historic mining village situated near West Calder, between Edinburgh and Glasgow, has courageously spoken out about the relentless harassment he faces due to his choice to wear removable fake breasts. At 49 years old, Dennington has endured not only online bullying but also harassment in his local community.

Dennington’s decision to wear fake breasts has made him a target for vicious attacks both online and in person. Despite the torment he faces, Dennington asserts that he is content with who he is and simply desires to live his life without interference from others. He firmly rebukes those who attempt to stereotype him based on his appearance, emphasizing that his choice of attire does not define his character.

The harassment has escalated to alarming levels, culminating in a disturbing incident where an unidentified assailant attempted to smash Dennington’s window. In a cruel twist of fate, the attacker mistakenly targeted Dennington’s neighbor, shattering their window instead. Dennington was only made aware of the attack when law enforcement officials notified him, highlighting the severity of the situation.

False rumors surrounding Dennington’s alleged compensation for the damaged window have further exacerbated the situation. Dennington vehemently denies receiving any compensation and asserts that he had already acquired the removable bust prior to the incident. The spread of misinformation has only fueled the animosity directed towards him, intensifying his ordeal.

Expressing his frustration and exhaustion with the ongoing harassment, Dennington emphasizes his desire to be left alone. He laments the invasion of his privacy, citing instances where his social media content was stolen and repurposed without his consent. Dennington underscores the psychological toll of the incessant profiling and harassment, which has also affected his son, who has reportedly faced bullying at school due to his father’s appearance.

Despite the adversity he faces, Dennington remains resolute in his self-acceptance. He adamantly asserts his satisfaction with his appearance, rejecting attempts to pigeonhole him into societal norms. Dennington’s courage in speaking out against discrimination serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of acceptance and understanding in today’s society.

While Dennington refrains from confirming or denying speculation regarding his motives for wearing the fake breasts, his unwavering determination to live authentically speaks volumes about his character. In a world plagued by prejudice and intolerance, Dennington’s story serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit.


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