Meri Brown Posts Heartbreaking Tribute to Older Brother, Who Passed Away 5 Weeks After Stopping Cancer Treatment

Meri Brown and family photo
Meri Brown (left) and one of her family photos featuring her brother Adam as a child. PHOTO: MERI BROWN/ INSTAGRAM

Meri Brown is mourning the loss of her brother Adam.

On Friday, the Sister Wives star, 52, announced that her brother died on Thursday “just 2 months short of his 55th birthday.”

Next to a carousel of images of her and Adam on Instagram, she explained that he texted her “about 5 weeks ago,” explaining that he had made the decision to stop his chemotherapy treatment “due to the rapid progression of his cancer & deterioration of his body.”

“I will move forward living, loving, forgiving, remembering,” she wrote. “The relationship I had with him taught me many things, and I have no doubt will continue to teach me things. I remain open to those lessons & look forward to them with anticipation.”

Meri reflected on when she first learned Adam’s cancer was terminal and “that he potentially had only weeks or months to live,” saying that the news “hit me like a ton of bricks.”

“After his passing, I would be the one remaining from the original four,” she recalled. “We lost Teresa, our sister just younger than me, to cancer in 2006. We lost our oldest brother Marc to heart issues in 2015. Now Adam to another type of cancer. That leaves me.”

“Now, I understand that it’s not just me,” she continued. “I still have 3 younger sisters with us, the 7 of us just mom’s kids. Plus many other siblings from our large family structure.”

Meri went on to explain how she can’t quite understand why his death, and it subsequently “leaving me as the one remaining of the original four,” is hitting her so strongly.

Meri Brown
A family photo from Meri Brown, featuring her brother Adam. MERI BROWN/ INSTAGRAM

“The only 4 that were born in CA and have memories of our young childhood there? The only 4 that were in existence before we moved to Utah where mom & dad began their lives as a plural family?” she wrote. “Maybe because we were born in closer succession, with only 1-1/2 to 2 years between us all? Even still, Elaine, child number 5, was only 3 years later.”

“I don’t know what it is, but there’s always been something about the original 4. Not better, just different. Not closer, just different,” she added. “Maybe I’ll figure it out someday, maybe I won’t. Only time will tell.”

Concluding her tribute, Meri vowed to remember her brother “with honor, kindness, & love.” In a sweet final note, Meri made a nod to one of their inside jokes. “PS Adam, I have the last word. And that is REGARDLESS 💙” she wrote.

Meri Brown

It’s been a challenging year for Meri, who announced she was ending her 32-year marriage to husband Kody Brown in December 2022. (The revelation came after Christine Brown and Kody announced their split in November 2021 after more than 25 years of marriage, and Kody and his third wife Janelle Brown also confirmed they were separated.)

Since then, the TLC star’s breakup has been unfolding in front of cameras on Sister Wives. Off the show Meri has been vocal on social media about feeling like she’s in a “challenging place.”

“I’ve kind of been in a place recently where I’ve been allowing the opinions and the judgments and actions of others to kind of get in my head,” she shared with her followers in a TikTok video in June. “And it’s kind of brought me to a little bit of a challenging place.”

“So what I do in those moments is come to a place that brings me peace,” she added before panning the camera to a grove of trees. “And I just allow myself to feel the feelings with no judgment for myself.”

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