Michigan Resident Scores $200K Powerball Win with Kids’ Birthdays as Lucky Numbers

A man from Michigan, James Allen, made $150,000 while he was sleeping after winning the Powerball. He chose his kids’ birthdays as his numbers and thought he had won $50,000. However, he later realized he had also matched the Powerball number, making his prize $200,000. Allen, 63, bought his winning ticket at Hoops Food, Sport, and Spirits in Auburn Hills.

When he checked his ticket the next morning, he was surprised to find out about the additional win. He plans to use the money to pay bills. Allen usually picks his kids’ birthdays when playing Powerball, and this time it really paid off.

In another lucky incident in Michigan, a 67-year-old man won over $400,000 in a drawing but initially thought it was a joke. He played games online and earned entries into a second chance giveaway without realizing it. When he received an email saying he had won $416,322, he thought it was a scam. However, it turned out he was the actual winner of the BIG CA$H Second Chance game after the random drawing on Oct. 11.

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